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About DevulCO2
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Welcome to DevulCO2

The DevulCO2 project will carry out research into the devulcanisation and re-use of scrap tyre rubber. This is a very important research area, as all used tyre rubber was banned from being placed into landfill sites within the EU from 1st July 2006.

The principal aim of the project is to develop a novel, continuous and effective devulcanisation system based on a combination of supercritical carbon dioxide, chemical devulcanisation agents and extrusion equipment.

A secondary objective of the project is to evaluate the devulcanised rubber as a raw material replacement for virgin rubber in the manufacture of high-added value rubber products.

This project is co-funded by the Technology Strategy Board's Collaborative Research and Development programme, following an open competition. The Technology Strategy Board is an executive body established by the Government to drive innovation. It promotes and invests in research, development and the exploitation of science, technology and new ideas for the benefit of business - increasing sustainable economic growth in the UK and improving quality of life.